About Us

Built with love from us to you!

When did all start?

In 2015 Cryptocurrency was a great year for cryptocurrency and happen to pull in many people who were still sitting on the fence about its actual benifis. Having been investing a small fraction of his income, Michael decided that something needed to be done to help regualr people keep track of all their coins in an effect manner, while also giving them the tools they needed to stay informed with the current trends that arrose. Cryptobook.net is the final product of that effort put onto a website that is constantly evolving in order to help anyone get their foot in the door in this amazing opportunity.

What will the future bring?

This being a passion project of mine, the inital pool of users will be from a very small selection of college campus who are running cryptocurrency clubs. Each student will also be provided with a set of 5 invite keys to which they may give out to whomever they choose. Using feedback provided from these sources we will continue to update Cryptbook.net, providing the most useful features possible. Eventually, after thourough testing, we will open the site to allow anyone, with or without an invite, to signup for their own Cryptobook.net portfolio.


We would have never made it this far if it wasn't for you, the users! Thank you all for supporting us!

Michael Morris, Lead Developer & CEO